About us

inkle was founded in 2011 by two Cambridge game developers with a passion for storytelling and beautiful design.

Joseph Humfrey

Art and Code Director

Joe's core duties at inkle involve a combination of visual design and programming, allowing a synergy between the two disciplines that is rare in the industry.

Before co-founding inkle, he worked for six years in the console videogame industry working on every platform from Nintendo DS to Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect in a career at Rare and Sony.

When he's not designing and coding on inkle's latest and greatest project, Joe feeds his obsession by tinkering with all things Apple. He enjoys listening to an eclectic variety of music, and trying in vain to find mountains in Cambridgeshire to walk up.

Jon Ingold

Narrative Director

Jon's focus is on content, working from the initial outline, through the development of the authoring tools, to the writing and scripting of final content.

Previously, Jon was a lead designer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and before that a secondary school teacher, so he loves to talk. He's a published author of short stories and over a decade's worth of award-winning interactive fiction.

In the past he has also played jazz trombone, led an improvised comedy troupe and edited a film review site, but he now lives a quiet life in Cambridge with his wife, daughter and cat.

Tom Kail

Game Developer

Tom is inkle's first employee. Fuelled by doe-eyed idealism, his job is to convert Jon and Joe’s napkin scribbles and wild hand gestures into fully-functioning code.

He went to University to study media, but immensely disappointed his parents by coming out as a programmer. Nowadays he only acts, looks and thinks like a student, and lives in a flat full of unwashed clothes and video games with his girlfriend.

Iain Merrick

Technical Developer

Iain is still not an official inkle employee; he's more like the TV sitcom neighbour who drops in for a visit every episode. He ports games to various platforms and argues with Joe about what programming languages we should be using.

He spent some time in academia, where his research included a paper on why search engines were a bad idea and would never catch on. Later on he got a job at Google, where he worked on advertising, Android and Chrome. Jon eventually persuaded him to build an Android version of Sorcery! and he hasn't had a real job since.

Piran Tremethick

Game Developer

Piran is our resident technical art wizard, with the highly sought after skills of being both a talented artist and understanding the equations behind Raleigh Scattering (amongst other greatest hits of the world of Maths and Physics).

He is also a solo indie developer in his own right, creating a game where the player takes to the skies as a bird of prey. Along the way, he developed DeepSky Haze, a Unity plugin for rendering physically-based atmospheric scattering.

Before going indie, Piran worked at Sony's Cambridge studio on several Killzone titles and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League.

Thomas Blunden

Junior Artist

Tom is our 3d environment artist, so is reponsible for realising the worlds that players of inkle games discover and explore on their adventures.

While at Anglia Ruskin University, he started a company with a fellow student called Proper-view that built virtual reality visualisations of properties for estate agents using Unreal Engine.

And when he's not building worlds, he hits the gym, ensuring he outlives us all and inherits the real world.

We also collaborate with other companies and talented individuals on every project – it's extremely valuable to find people and organisations whose expertise complement each other. So we love finding talented new artists, coders and writers to work with.

Here are a selection of the fantastic people we've worked with in the past:


  • Meg Jayanth
  • Steve Jackson
  • Ben Nicholson
  • Anastasia Wyatt
  • Mike Schley
  • Laurence Chapman
  • Emily Short
  • Eddie Sharam
  • Emily Morganti
  • Graham Robertson
  • Jeremy de la Garza
  • Kelley Armstrong
  • Dave Morris
  • Michael Whelan
  • Dave Wise
  • Liza Daly


  • Penguin USA
  • Cape Guy
  • Jaume Illustration
  • Profile Books
  • Stoic Studio
  • Black Belt Games
  • ENO
  • Ludifi