"My master, it seems, is a gambling man."

An epic adventure through a land of monsters, traps and magic.

80 DAYS!

We're celebrating in the inkle office, because 80 DAYS has finally been unleashed. Right now, people are boarding trains, steamers, boats; catching malaria, inciting mutinies, sleeping rough and being captured in the jungles of North India and more...

When watching the trailer remember, every line drawn on the globe is a journey, and every journey has a story, and every story has choices, and every choice is remembered...

Reviews are beginning to trickle in too - here's a few snippets:

“A sublime video game to immerse yourself in... With impressive visuals, a simple yet elegant game design, and a story to tell based on classic literature, 80 Days is an excellent addition to your mobile game library” - The Examiner
“Probably the best example of interactive fiction ever produced” - Pocket Tactics

Jump aboard today, and see where your journey takes you!

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