Frankenstein @ The Chimerist

A great review went up at The Chimerist today, intelligent and thoughtful. Here's the opening quote:

Whatever interactive fiction is (and we’re still figuring that out) it suffers from all the problems of traditional fiction and then some. The vast majority of novels and short stories aren’t much good, but when a branching fiction — along the lines of the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” children’s books — fails to engage, the first impulse is to blame the form rather than the content. Let “Frankenstein,” just released by Inkle Studios and Profile Books, serve as a reproach to that reflex. The app is a creative, subtle and sensitive adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novella, and it has singlehandedly renewed this critic’s hopes for interactive fiction.

It's awesome to hear from reviewers engaging with the text in such a rich, deep way.

The great insight that writer Dave Morris brings to this adaptation of the novel is that while a reader cannot significantly change the outcome of the story, the interactive element can change the shading and flavor of the tale.

Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this kind of interactivity in the months and years to come!

A couple of other recent pieces:

Gaming on the Go say:

"a brilliant piece of interactive fiction... and the provided interface [is] quite a marvel."

Jay is Games says:

"A visual and textual masterpiece that you will be thrilled to experience."
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