Visual design update

Down Among the Dead Men skin design continues.

We're starting to develop our visual design pillars. In particular, we're trying to move away from illustrations for this one, and more towards real objects to represent the events and locations in the story. So, where there would've been an anatomical drawing in Frankenstein, here we have a real skull buried in the sand.

We're also really keen to push more vibrant colours into the design of Down Among the Dead Men. Expect more treasure in future images! Yaaaar.

As the design matures, we start to lay out the elements horizontally as they would actually be in the final inklebook. This starts to give us a feeling of the flow and hierarchy. Clearly, there's still a lot of work to be done here - the map doesn't quite make sense in this particular layout. 

Although you could certainly imagine an inklebook where you travel from location to location and chapter to chapter by choosing points on a map! The structure of Dead Men's story could perhaps lend itself to that... but either way, we love old maps, and we'll be sure to slot them in somewhere!

Remember, if you'd like to contribute to our design process on this, you can get involved via our Pinterest board.

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