Gamification talk and Frankenstein demo

The new web-demo is live!

Two goodies from inkle today: first up, the video of a talk we gave at BookNet Canada's technology forum in March is now online.

It's about 45 mins long, and I was a bit jet-lagged when doing it, but it's a nice little overview of our ideas about game design, and how games tie up with books and digital experiences. It was also the first public showing of Frankenstein's look and concept. It's an extension of the talk we gave at the Futurebook conference last year, only longer, and with more jokes.

Check it out here.

Secondly, we've launched the web-demo version of Dave Morris' Frankenstein, so those of you without iPhones and iPads can get a taste of what you're missing. Try it out on the Frankenstein page: just click the iPad to get started.

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