Announcing the Future Voices competition

inklewriter has been up for about a month now. George Osborne's been using it. used the words "joy" and "magic". And in a couple of days, we'll be at Games Brittannia with Ian Livingstone helping a team of schoolkids get their own interactive stories up and running (and I'll be having teacher-flashbacks).

So now it's your turn to get involved. Yes, you. You like writing, don't you? That's why you're reading this. Well, here's your chance to write something and get it read by industry professionals. And if it's in the top 10 best short stories we receive before the 15th of September, it'll be published, worldwide, in our Future Voices inklebook.

That's right: inkle is hosting a competition for writers, new and established, old and young, ferocious and funny. There's even a gentle cash prize to tickle under your nose, in case fame isn't enough.

We love interactive stories. And while we're making them, we're not making them fast enough. So we want you to help. Write a short interactive story using inklewriter - get your friends to test it, edit it, make it the best it can be - and then email it to us at the address on the rules page.

Then in mid-September, we'll lock ourselves in a room with Michael Bhaskar of Profile Books, Alexis Kennedy of Failbetter Games, Piers Blofeld, literary agent at Sheil Land Associates, and Anna Faherty, lecturer in publishing at Kingston University, and we'll pick the 10 best. Then we'll set about making the Future Voices short story anthology to sit alongside Dave Morris' Frankenstein in the App Store, worldwide.

Our tastes are eclectic, so write in whatever genre you like - just respect copyright, and laws, and stuff. And good luck!

Start writing now! Read the full rules

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