inklewriter on PC Gamer's site

February is only eleven days old and we've already seen inklewriter come up twice on PC Gamer's site: enough, we thought, to warrant a quick blog post to celebrate.

PC Gamer

The first piece was about Stoic Studio's The Banner Saga. Stoic recently did a pretty major update to their Kickstarter page, detailing where they are at, what they're working on, and their plans for the next steps of their game. They've got a lot of followers and that update was reposted on several sites, but PC Gamer was the only one to include their image of the story's branching narrative tree - as generated in inklewriter.

Story Map

The second story was about interactive text games in general, and featured interviews with us, and our friends over at Fallen London about their StoryNexus platform. The article appeared first in print (here in the UK) in the February edition, but it's great to see it online as well. It includes a bump for Frankenstein although, being a PC site, it only links up to our web-demo, rather than the iTunes purchase itself.

The Joy of Text

We're seeing a lot of articles at the moment about interactive stories and text-based games, with the popularity of Twine amongst indie designers and branching narrative becoming mainstream thanks to the Walking Dead - and we'll be at PAX East in March showing our Sorcery! game and talking about how indie developers are pushing forward game storytelling. Right now seems like a good time to be gaming with stories!

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