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Sorcery! coming to Android

Since the release of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! in May we've been a little quiet on this blog. Partly we've been reading all the reviews - and partly we've been working hard at Book 2, mapping out the twists and turns of the city of Kharé, and cooking up ways to bring its inhabitants, traps and puzzles to vibrant life.

And partly we've been trying to crack the multi-platform problem. So far, all of our games have been iOS-only, but these days everyone knows there are a lot of Android users out there (and if we didn't know, they email us quite often to remind us!)

So: for all you Droiders who have stuck with us over the last year and a half, your moment has come. This week we're announcing not one Android release, but two.



First up is Dave Morris' interactive adaptation of Frankenstein. The iOS version earned itself a Kirkus Reviews best of the year award, and several glowing reviews; but now the original Android is lumbering its way onto Nexus, Galaxy and the rest. And best of all, it's coming this week (-- edit: it's out now). (A Kindle Fire version is incoming too, but we're afraid you'll have to wait a little longer for that!)

The Frankenstein port comes courtesy of the talented folk at Black Belt Games.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery!


The second big news is the multiple-Gold-Award-winning Sorcery! series will be coming to Android later this year.

Back in May when we released the first part of the adventure, the question we were asked most (after, "when will Part 2 be ready?") was, is it available for Android? The answer was no - we're a small studio (just two), and we didn't think it would be fair on those who had started their adventures to be porting Part 1 instead of developing Parts 2, 3 and 4.

But now, with the aid of a very talented ex-Google friend, we're in position to do both at once. So this is us making it official: Part 1: The Shamutanti Hills will be coming to Android devices this year, while Part 2: Kharé, Cityport of Traps on iOS is still on track for late Autumn. (We're neck deep in the filth and villany of that city as we speak. Be prepared: things are going to get messy.)

We'll have exact release dates nearer the time, but if you want to be the first to hear you should sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the Sorcery! page: we don't send many emails, but when we do, they're things you'll want to hear.

What else for us?

In other inkle news, we'll be talking at GDC Europe about the development of Sorcery! and the benefits and techniques of working with text. So if you're a dev and fancy stopping by and saying hello, please do!

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