Big Sushi!

Last fortnight, we did a podcast with the guys over at which has now gone live.

If you've not listened to their show before, BigSushi does podcasts with indie developers but with a twist - they ask as much about the games as they do about the people who make them, and their programs always make for really interesting discussions that go all over the place. We talked to them for about an hour about inkle, game narrative, Sorcery!, the console industry and a whole lot more. Take a listen. There's also a few bits of exclusive information about our plans for Kharé in there too.

We got in touch with them through our friends over at Nyamnyam, so do take a listen to their show if you're interested; and they've also interviewed Jonathan Myers whose interesting audio project, Codename Cygnus, is busy working itself into a Kickstarter frenzy.

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