Twenty Challenges

One of the things we did when adapting Sorcery! was to stuff it so full of hidden surprises and Easter eggs that wandering off the beaten track and trying new things would always be worth your time.

And with the series making its Android debut next Wednesday, we thought it'd be a good time to set a few challenges.

So, have you:

Sorcery! 1

  • Survived the fields of the Black Lotus?
  • Met a man with an identical twin?
  • Been eaten to death by bats?
  • Collected 5 Giant's teeth?
  • Collected more than seventy Gold Pieces?
  • Killed Jann the Minimite?
  • Solved the riddle of Daddu-Ley?
  • Been cursed by a spirit?
  • Set off, and survived, all three traps in the Manticore's maze in a single run?
  • Completed the game without a single fight (except for the tutorial sparring match)?

Sorcery! 2

  • Met Vik the Slaver?
  • Met the founder of the City of KharĂ©?
  • Collected the Green-Haired Wig, the Cloth Skullcap, the Bracelet of Bone and the Gold-backed Mirror in a single run-through? (And we mean, a single one!)
  • Bought the Legendary Sword? Or better still, bought it twice?
  • Collected more than a hundred and fifty Gold Pieces?
  • Burned down the market?
  • Met the Goblin King - and incite a Goblin revolt against him?
  • Rigged the fight in Dwarftown?
  • Stolen gems and jewels from the God Courga?
  • Gone bald?

Sorcery! 3

Sorcery! 3 is still being written, but so far, if you're smart and observant, you should be able to:

  • Learn a spell for summoning a Rock Demon...
  • Meet Vancass again...
  • Survive being crucified...
  • Turn the jewel-studded collar into something more valuable...
  • Leap across a canyon...
  • Age to death, blow yourself up, and be eaten by ants...
  • Turn into a snake...
  • Get married...
  • Create six giant invisible clones...
  • ...and defeat all Seven Serpents while you're at it!
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