Editor's Choice!

We still can't quite believe it. We're not pinching ourselves, we're bashing our heads with hardback Folio-society copies of Verne's classics. 80 DAYS, text-based interactive fiction, is currently Editor's Choice on the App Store in the UK and US and others, and several thousand people have already completed multiple journeys around the world.

“This is a brilliant adventure based on the adventures of Phileas Fogg, with a whole world to explore, and a script that will hold your attention throughout. Interactive storytelling at its best.” - The Guardian
“Thick with mysteries and opportunities for disaster, Inkle's new title is far more palatable than its source material... 80 Days is a voyage that must be taken.” - The Verge
“Verne fans in particular are going to have a fantastic time with this game, but I think almost anyone is going to find plenty to like in 80 Days.” - Touch Arcade

Going around and around

When we set out to make 80 DAYS we had a few goals - we wanted to tell a great story, with a strong sense of the world it was in. We wanted interactive fiction narrated from an "I" not a "You". And we wanted to make a game that could be played multiple times.

We didn't totally believe that was even possible with a narrative game - surely you play to see the story, and then it's done?

Well: we've seen people playing four or five games in a single day, trying to improve their score, or simply exploring the world and its hidden corners.

More there's still more to find...

But there are still secrets to be unearthed. What's in the airship into Reykjavik? Will love be waiting for you in London? What's the secret of the Irktusk harbour-master? Who did kill the Yokohama hover-craft Artificer?

Thanks to the live feed, we're pretty sure that right now, no-one out there knows. Yet.

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