Sorcery! 3's final secret is solved!


It's taken six weeks, but it's finally been cracked!

When we released Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents in late April, we teased on this forum (warning: major SPOILERS on that thread!) that the game had one ultimate secret: an ending that was totally fair, but almost impossibly difficult to find. An ending so hidden, in fact, that we hadn't managed to do it ourselves.

Normally, on the internet, "difficult" means "solved today" and "secret" means "solved tomorrow", but this one has kept the posters on Touch Arcade busy for over a month, and has been repeatedly declared impossible.

NBAS - No Beacons All Serpents

The goal is to complete the game, killing all seven, but without using any of the "beacons of time". Yes, that means, getting across the ravines, gullies, and mountain ranges, all without the power to alter the landscape. It also means defeating that Serpent. And yes, it seems, it can be done. (We thought so!)

There's now a full walk-through on the forum, so if you want to play the game unspoiled, then you've been warned...

Other Records

While people have been Serpent-slaying, other players are still working on 80 Days, and Phileas Fogg fans will be pleased - or appalled! - to hear the world record has been smashed to a mere 28 days. The previous best of 30 lasted for a good six months.

Speaking of Secrets

...We're keeping one. No, we're keeping it. For now. More, soon.

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