Sorcery! 3 comes to PC/Mac on April 5th!

We're happy to announce that the third part of the Sorcery! saga will be hitting Steam, Humble and Green Man Gaming on April 5th, bringing desktop player's up to date with the story.

We'll be talking a bit more about the game in the next inklecast, but for now, here's the trailer to whet your appetite:

A wilderness to explore

Sorcery! Part 3 takes the adventure out into the wilds of the Kakhabad, a land of deserts, grassy plains, forests and swamps - and it transform the game from a linear story into a fully open-world experience. Go from anywhere, to anywhere, by any route you can find; backtrack to find every secret or plough your way forward - and with the aid of ancient magic, even reshape the landscape through which you travel.

Open world design, story-rich content

But being open world doesn't change how the game is played: its still rich with characters, stories, traps, monsters and peril. Everything that happens in a Sorcery! game is bespoke and unique, and Part 3 is the largest Sorcery! game to date, the size of Parts 1 and 2 combined.

Can you survive Kakhabad, cross the Horns of Xamen and Lake Ilklala? Will you travel fast to evade capture, or hunt down and destroy the Seven Serpents dispatched to end your journey? Will you explore the ancient land through magic, or leave the past untouched? All these choices, and hundreds more, will carry over in Part 4 and alter the stakes in the story's conclusion.

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