Sorcery! 3 is out now!

The gates of Kharé have opened once more, and the wilds of Kakhabad await. Players on PC and Mac can now venture into the shifting deserts, tangled forests and thick swamps of the Baklands as they attempt to make their way to Mampang and the Crown of Kings.


Sorcery! 3 is our most ambitious interactive narrative so far - not just an entirely open-world adventure where you can go anywhere, by any route you choose, and that's stuffed full of secrets - the game is actually two open-worlds, which you can freely blend together as you explore.

You can either continue your story from Parts 1 & 2, or jump straight in at this installment: the game will adapt itself appropriately. And not only that, it's 25% off for the first week.

Many ways to win, and a hundred ways to die

Roaming the wildnerness are seven deadly serpents, racing to Mampang to warn the Archmage of your coming. How you tackle them is up to you - head on combat? Strategy and cunning? Or will you simply try to outpace them?

The choices you make in this part will define your adventure in the concluding part of the story, out later this year.

Want to hear more?

To celebrate the launch we recorded a special episode of the inklecast last week all about how the open-world design affected everything from the way we built it to the way player's played.

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