Sorcery! 4 launch delayed

We're hugely sorry to announce this, but Sorcery! 4's launch date has had to change. The epic finale to the series will now be going live on Steam, iOS and Android on September 22nd - one week later than originally planned.

After such a long journey - four games over four years, and nearly one and a half million words of content - we want to be sure the release is as good as it can be.


In particular, this means that Thursday's live playthrough event at Loading Bar in London won't be a launch party so much as a preview party. But come down all the same - because we'll be giving out Steam codes for the game, which unlock immediately.

Once again, we hope you'll forgive us the delay. To help soften the blow, we've put the first three Sorcery! games on sale on the App Store for their cheapest price ever - just $1 each. So if you're missing any instalments, now's the time to pick them up.

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