A Sorcery! Retrospective

Two weeks ago, we completed a four year journey across a land of magic, traps and monsters. Since then, we've been enjoying watching players assail the Fortress of Mampang and die - over, and over and over again. Some have prevailed. Some have found secrets. A few unlucky one have found bugs (sorry about that! We're fixing them!) And some of our reviews have been pretty glowing.


We wrote up a long retrospective on the design of the series for the game industry site Gamasutra, but while it goes in some detail on the design processes - and the problems - it didn't touch on the personal side of things; why we made the series the way we did, and how it evolved over time.

Over four years there are a lot of stories, so we decided to put together on last Sorcery!-themed inklecast, so we could tell a few. Here it is: our final thoughts on Sorcery!

And check out next week's inklecast for a few hints on where we're planning to go next...

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