Are you ready to save the Crown, again?

Three months ago, we released the fourth and final chapter in the epic Sorcery! series, to some wonderful reviews. But we promised one last surprise for fans.

That surprise is free, and out now. New Game Plus mode awaits!

A merciless world awaits..

Ever since we launched the original instalment of Sorcery!, one feature has come to define the gameplay in the eyes of casual players and fans.

Not the 3D map; not the lunatic spellcasting; but the rewind feature. The ability to go back anywhere, anywhen, and try things a different way. Some people said they found the game too easy this way - others complained bitterly when things were not so straightforward in Part 4.

For us, we've always known that this was just one way to play the series. And from today, you can try the tougher challenge of a cruel world for yourself, as one of the features in New Game Plus.

New adventures in familiar lands!

To start a New Game Plus adventure, simply ensure you have the latest updates for the games on whichever platform you're using - Android, iOS or Steam - then enter a completed cloud save from Part 4 into Part 1 to unlock the new content.

You'll find a new difficulty setting - merciless - as well as tougher enemies, a few early, powerful spell objects, and of course, a couple of new secrets for the fans - including a visit to a much-neglected secret area...

... oh, and this:


Ready your sword and spellbook

If you've finished your Sorcery! adventure and you want to try exploring things a different way, or playing as a different character, then we hope you enjoy your New Game Plus update. It's totally free.

And if you're missing any of the adventure, we've just released a four-part App Store bundle to celebrate!

New adventures await...

New Game Plus is our last significant update for Sorcery!. As we've discussed a few times on the inklecast, we're leaving the wilds of Kakhabad behind for a brand new world of our own devising.

This new game is bigger, stranger and more beautiful than anything we've attempted before. We hope to bring it to the light to show you all soon. Until then, Season's Greetings from all of us at inkle and thanks for travelling with us.


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