Forever Labyrinth

Professor Sheldrake is a lost in a labyrinth beyond time itself. Can you find her before the monster finds you?

A narrative adventure, made in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture

The Story

The Forever Labyrinth is an ever-changing maze of halls, rooms, clifftops and cellars, filled with the collected works of the entire of the late human race. And your friend is lost somewhere within its walls, as are several others...

Can you find your friend? Can you understand the secrets of the Labyrinth? Who is the mysterious Figure leaving your messages? And will the Labyrinth survive the collapse that is coming?

The Game

The Forever Labyrinth is a replayable narrative rogue-like adventure game. One run will take about twenty minutes, but you'll need to play again and again to discover all the game's secrets.

Explore the Labyrinth, room to room, or travelling through the paintings on the walls themselves. Follow clues and leads as you try to piece together the many mysteries.

The Art

The art that fills the walls of the Labyrinth is an eclectic mixture of the classic and the modern, the well-known and the obscure, the beautiful and the weird, drawn from scores of the world's greatest museums. What will you find? And where will it take you?

Made in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, The Forever Labyrinth is a game built from and using art from across the world and all of history, from Ancient Egyptian masks to modern photography.

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