Dave Morris's interactive adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic tale of terror, tragedy and revenge.

In revolutionary France, young Victor Frankenstein has discovered the secret of bringing dead matter back to life.

Dave Morris' Frankenstein is an interactive novel that places you right inside the story, acting as Frankenstein's confidant, guide and conscience. Following and adapting Mary Shelley's original text, Frankenstein is a new reading experience designed from the ground up for mobile devices and written using our inklewriter platform.

Published by Profile Books.

“A brilliantly designed app; the current benchmark for high-quality storytelling via tablet.” – Best of 2012
One of top ten book apps ever
The Sunday Times

Frankenstein is a whole new way of experiencing Mary Shelley’s classic tale of terror, tragedy and revenge. Frankenstein himself will be your guide, and you his advisor. Console, counsel or condemn: the choice is yours.

“This masterful new adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel may be the best interactive fiction yet.”
Tim Harford, senior columnist for The Financial Times

Explore Frankenstein's stunning background image:

“Enormous sensitivity to Shelley's narrative... There's enormous intelligence behind the reworking.”
Dr. Dale Townshend, quoted in The Independent
“The Modern Prometheus gets even more modern”
Stephen Jewell, SFX