Heaven's Vault

Decipher an ancient language.
Discover a forgotten past.

From the creators of the multi-award winning 80 Days and the Sorcery! series comes an archaeological science fiction adventure game.

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“Heaven's Vault is exquisite.”
“Heaven's Vault stands as an astonishing monument to superb storytelling.”
“I loved it. Absolutely loved it.”
“This thing is a wonder.”


The search for a missing roboticist leads archaeologist Aliya Elasra and her sidekick Six into the depths of the Nebula where they live, and to the ruins of a lost age - and a discovery that will change things forever.

Unique art style

Hundreds of meticulously hand-drawn frames of 2D art are used within beautiful 3D environments to create detailed worlds and expressive characters.

“What Inkle have achieved in Heaven’s Vault is tremendous. I don’t know what to compare it to, because there isn’t anything.”


An entire ancient hieroglyphic language awaits to be deciphered. A puzzle mechanic with a twist: solutions are narratively significant and further the story - but the wrong translation might send you down the wrong track!

Linguistic inspiration

The pictorial nature of both Ancient Egyptian and Chinese writing systems inspired the glyphs of Heaven's Vault. Words are formed out of smaller "atoms", as they often are in German.

“I can’t over emphasise how wonderful it is when you begin to recognise words without the game helping you.”

Sail the Nebula

Jump aboard Aliya's ship, the Nightingale, and sail the rivers of space to discover the secrets of the Nebula. Locate lost moons, and explore freely in a massive world.

Open World Adventure

Drifting ruins scattered throughout the Nebula may help Aliya find clues to lost dig sites. Decide which sites are important as you trace the path of civilisation back through the centuries.

“I don’t hesitate to recommend Heaven’s Vault.”


Free-roaming, third person exploration of a wide variety of locations: ruined palaces, desert moons, market towns and thriving farming villages.

Forge Your Own Path

Locations in Heaven's Vault can be explored in different ways, but whichever way you go, the story is always moving. Whatever may happen, there is no turning back!

“I was astounded by the sheer scope of locations Heaven’s Vault had to offer.”
“The central narrative is very well developed and feels like it’s been taken right out of a good science fiction novel.”


A diverse cast of characters remember and react to everything you do. Some are friendly, some are cautious, and some will try to trick you. You have been warned!

Adaptive narrative

Heaven's Vault uses the latest version of our narrative scripting language ink, which allows the story to remember and adapt to every choice and every path you follow.

“Conversations in Heaven’s Vault are remarkably fluid, a single answer potentially leading to an entire branch of dialogue options you’ve never seen before.”
“You never saw such rocks.”
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