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inklewriter is shutting down

We announced last year that inklewriter was entering "permanent beta", and now we're moving towards full shut down.

Inklewriter is mostly stable, but has never been entirely stable - and with browers changing all the time, it's real work to fix the issues that arise. Inklewriter has always has been free, and with our games getting ever bigger and more ambitious, we simply don't have the time to investigate and resolve inklewriter issues.

When will you flip the switch?

We're planning to shut down inklewriter permanently in August 2018.

Can I rescue my story before then?

Yes. If you visit the share link of your story, you can use your browser's "Save Page As" (in the File menu) to save off a copy of the playable web page - with all the story data included. That page is entirely standalone, and so will be playable by anyone (avoiding the https issue mentioned above) - and it'll continue to be playable even if inklewriter does eventually go offline. You can also easily edit and alter the layout and presentation of the page, if you know your way around HTML and CSS.

Can I continue writing?

You can convert the story to ink - our open-source language for writing interactive fiction. Ink is stable, maintained, and saves files locally so it has no web-connection issues. Stories can be turned into basic playable webpages, but also integrated into game engines such as Unity for higher-end experiences.

Try the converter here.

Can I rescue my data?

You can also capture the raw .json file that stores your story, to simply extract the text from it by hand. To use it elsewhere you'll need to write code to parse and run it. (The format is pretty straight-forward, however.) To do so, take your share link, and add ".json" to the end. For example:
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