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All our projects are collaborations: with interactive writers like Meg Jayanth, Dave Morris and Emily Short, artists like Jaume Illustration and Eddie Sharam, musicians like Laurence Chapman, testers and even fantasy cartographers like Mike Schley. Who knows what the next project will need? So if you think you have something special, get in touch; we'd love to hear from you.

Interested? Email us: [email protected]

Right now, we're not looking for anyone in particular, sorry!

(...though we're always more than happy to hear from talented people!)


As our ambitions grow, so do the technical requirements of the games we develop, and the diversity of games we wish to produce. Right now, we have a well rounded team of talented coders working with us on both our Unity and mobile Objective-C projects.


Every game needs great art to bring its world to life. Great artists have the creativity and skills to produce jaw-dropping work that integrates seamlessly into the wider design of one of our games.

Our artists have strong portfolios with lots of experience, and are accustomed to collaboration.


inkle specialises in well-written, highly interactive stories, that require writers who can craft a strong story and narrative voice while still letting the player loose.

The authors we love to work with don't need to be programmers, but they're not put off by the technical aspects of scripting interactivity and they're keen to learn new tricks. All have produced great interactive digital content before, in Twine, inklewriter or Inform 7.