Press kit - Overboard!

Press contact: Emily Morganti - [email protected]

official site :

platforms : Windows, macOS via Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS App Store, GOG, Android

release date : 2nd June 2021

twitter : @inkleStudios

discord : Join inkle on Discord

facebook : inkle


Overboard! is a whodunnit where you’re the one whodunnit. You have just eight hours to cover the evidence, mislead the witnesses, frame another suspect and escape ... if you can!

  • A next-gen visual novel. Choose every line and every action. Go where you want, when you want. But the other characters are watching and won’t forget what they see!
  • Choices that really matter. Build and execute your strategy, but watch out: every step you take will have consequences.
  • NPCs with their own agendas. Other characters move around the ship in real time. Will you mislead them? Avoid them? Blackmail them? Silence them? It’s up to you.
  • Massively replayable. Each time through can be wildly different. What you learn in one run will give you new things to try on the next.

The Story

July, 1935. Wealthy Malcolm Villensey’s fortune has been wiped out overnight. He and his starlet wife, Veronica, have escaped aboard the SS Hook for a new life in America—but Mrs. Villensey has other plans. And one little push is all it takes.

  • The clock is ticking. In eight hours the boat will dock and you’ll need to answer for Malcolm’s whereabouts.
  • No crime is perfect. There are always witnesses. But how will you find out who saw what, without giving the game away?
  • No one is innocent. Every passenger has something to hide. Can you turn their secrets to your advantage?
  • Suicide isn’t enough. Malcolm had a generous life insurance policy, but you can only claim the cash by framing someone else for murder.

Latest News

June 6th, 2022

  • Overboard! wins an Apple Design Award in the category "Delight and Fun".

May 5th, 2022

  • Overboard! updated with full Spanish localisation.

April 7th 2022

  • Overboard! was nominated for a BAFTA, and was headlined on the BBC News story about the event.

July 22nd 2021

June 2nd 2021

Jan 6th 2021

  • First scene of Overboard! is written.

Official trailer

Art assets


Launch Day Screenshots

Spanish Screenshots

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