New hires!

We're thrilled to announce two new members joining the inkle team full-time today.

Anastasia Wyatt


First up is Anastasia Wyatt, a 2d illustrator who graduated in Game Art and Design just last year.

Annie's been working with us as a contractor for the last few months, drawing Aliya and Six from every conceivable angle as they squeeze through gaps, lift skulls, fall over, and do everything else they need to do in Heaven's Vault.

She's also been designing the rest of the cast of the game, and providing us with concept art from props in the world, most notably Aliya's ship, the Nightingale, which Annie elevated from "very strange idea indeed" to "beautiful, functional sailing vessel". Right now she's drawing stone gods.

It's always exciting to discover talent, and seeing Annie's artwork front and centre in our coverage on Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and in print in Edge magazine, has been really exciting for all of us, and we can't wait to share more of her characters.

Laura Dilloway


Laura Dilloway is joining us as a senior artist, and she'll be leading the environment team. (Two people is a team, right?)

Laura's extremely experienced, with 10+ years experience working at Sony's Cambridge studio, most recently on Little Big Planet PSP, Killzone and RIGS.

She's been responsible for individual assets, environments and level design, and she'll be using that experience - as well as an entirely coincidental interest in archaeology - to bridge the gap between the written script that forms the core of Heaven's Vault, and the beautiful, strange spaces that Aliya will be exploring.

The team

Laura and Annie brings inkle's full-time team - after five and a half years - to six-and-a-half people, and for the first time pushes the art department to over fifty percent. (Our next hire will be a goddamn writer I swear.) You can find out more about us here.

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